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An Autumn Glory sensory experience
Autumn Glory apple harvest is starting just in time to make its annual debut at PMA Fresh Summit 2017 and the apple will be the center of attention for Superfresh Growers. The unique caramel and cinnamon notes of the Autumn Glory continue to make this proprietary apple a rising star for Superfresh Growers. Domex Superfresh Growers will be joined at PMA Fresh Summit by Instagram chef, influencer and recipe developer Christi... Read more

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What’s new in the fresh potato category? From RPE Inc. a new potato item, a unique approach for commodity product and fresh innovations that add value for both consumers and retailers alike. New featured itemSteamPak Mini, for the health conscious and on-the-go consumer, is a single-serve package of fresh potatoes. Microwaving in four minutes for a great... Read more

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Redline Solutions software as fresh as the produce that it manages
In line with its approach to keeping its software as fresh as the produce that it manages, RedLine Solutions, the leader in produce traceability and inventory management, announced today the release of version 3 of its popular RedLine Cooler warehouse management software for grower-shippers. The new release includes support for Android devices, including... Read more


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Erik Carrillo joins Exp Group as director of foreign affairs
North Bergen, NJ-based Exp Group LLC continues to evolve along with the strong and growing demand for tropical produce. The growth phenomenon is obvious in produce aisles and on foodservice menus across the nation. Anthony Serafino, vice president of public relations, and a second-generation family... Read more