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Chile stresses quality to remain competitive in blueberry market
Chilean blueberry producers created the winter market for blueberries in the United States, but in recent years they have seen increasing competition from other countries, most notably Peru. “We are certainly aware of the growing challenges in the U.S. market,” said Karen Brux, managing director of the Chilean Fresh Fruit Association. “Peruvian volumes have grown exponentially over the past few years, and Mexico also has... Read more

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NYAA has plenty of new and exciting things happening
The New York Apple Association, headquartered in Fishers, NY, is a regular exhibitor at the New England Produce Council Expo, and leadership feels it’s a great opportunity for its account managers to meetup with the familiar faces and meet new folks in the industry. “We always look forward to visiting with the buyers,” said Cynthia Haskins, president and chief... Read more

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Kurt Zuhlke & Associates staying busy
It’s business as usual for Kurt Zuhlke & Associates Inc., a.k.a, and that’s good news for those working at the Easton, PA-based company, as things remain busy year after year. “The buzz at the company is that recycled plastics is the No. 1 thing that people want today,” said Kurt Zuhlke, president of the company. “It’s what you have... Read more


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Rich Dachman named keynote speaker for NEPC expo’s breakfast
The New England Produce Council announced industry veteran Rich Dachman, chief executive officer of Brighter Bites and former vice president of produce for Sysco Corp., will be the featured speaker at the council’s keynote breakfast on Thursday, Sept. 19. “Foodservice, Nutrition, and Making a Difference”... Read more