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Raley’s announced the hiring of Yvette Waters to a newly created position, nutrition strategist and brand influencer. This new role is another step in supporting their commitment to evolve their brand and stores to change the way customers eat, one plate at a time. Waters will drive nutrition strategy for all brands and work alongside the merchant team to bring high-quality, healthy products into stores. With a growing... Read more

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Splendid shipping international product line
Based in Los Mochis, which is a key Mexican mango producing area, Splendid by Porvenir LLC may be best known for its mangos. But the firm is increasingly broadening its product line. Michoacán avocados, Oaxaca and Veracruz limes, Mexican green beans and sweet corn, as well as South American mangos are all being shipped by the firm this year. Daniel Ibarra in... Read more

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Phillips Mushroom Farms  continues on strong organic roll
The majority of retailers — large chains and small independents — have learned the benefits of proudly displaying and separating conventional from organic produce in their produce departments. Consumers continue to scour media sources to learn about the benefits of buying organic, and they want to know how their produce is grown, packaged and handled throughout... Read more


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Okanagan adds to management team as co-founder retires
Okanagan Specialty Fruits Inc., the developer of nonbrowning Arctic apple varieties, has made several significant hires that will be key to the company’s continued growth.  JF Gamelin joined OSF’s senior management team as director of sales and is responsible for leading sales operations for Arctic... Read more