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Retail View: Back to the future with packaged produce
A young shopper surveying the retail produce landscape over the past decade would most likely conclude that packaged produce items have gained market share from bulk items and call it a trend. The observer a bit longer in the tooth might note the same thing, but determine that bulk might make a renaissance, as it has so many times before. This time might be different. There are several factors that are seemingly driving... Read more

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NY Apple Sales excited about increase in KORU apples
While the apple harvest suffered a bit of a drought in 2016, the result was great tasting fruit that kept well, but couldn’t meet the demand of many of New York Apple Sales’ retailers. “Prices are decent and velocity is good, but we just don’t have everything we want for all the retailers that we want to have it for,” Tim Byrne,... Read more

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Ocean Mist Farms ready for SEPC
Ocean Mist Farms invites SEPC attendees to Booth No. 315, where key members of the company will share the innovation behind Season & Steam, and talk through its expanded offerings with Ocean Mist Organic. The Castroville, CA-based company is also sponsoring the annual Tom Page Golf Classic and the new event app, which will be helpful to everyone attending. “We’ve... Read more


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Fusion Marketing president joins KCET community advisory board
Steven Muro, president of Fusion Marketing, has been selected to serve on the KCET Southern California broadcasting station’s Community Advisory Board as the agricultural specialist for the viewing area. Muro has decades of experience in this field as he is the president and founder of Fusion... Read more