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Cold wave to cool Michigan production

A cold wave is coming to Michigan starting tomorrow. The state is still shipping tomatoes, squash, celery and watermelon, but the cold weather will slow down production.wear

Nightly low temps will drop about 20 degrees from current temps of mid-60s down to the low 40s. The daytime highs will be in the mid-60s. This cold weather will last through Saturday night, but by Sunday highs will be back up around 70 with minimum temps in the mid-50s. Next week there is a good chance of some rain: about 60 percent daily chance all next week with daily totals between 0.25 and 0.5 inches.

The San Joaquin Valley will see some extreme heat today, tomorrow and Thursday. Could this be the last shot of summer? Daily maximum temps will be anywhere from 96 to 100 depending where you are in the valley. Look for supplies to flush toward the end of the week on items still coming out of the valley such as tomatoes, melons, Bell peppers and grapes. Come Saturday, however, we will see a dramatic change as temps will drop by over 20 degrees. Maximum temps will only reach in the mid-80s and minimums will be in the upper 50s to low 60s. These lower temps will last at least through next Wednesday.

Southern Arizona is still cooking away as melon season approaches. Maximum temps will be between 103 to 108 in the areas of Yuma, Palo Verde Valley and Maricopa County. Temps next week will cool off in the mid-90s, but with no rain in sight we should see a good start to the melon season early next month.

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(David Robidoux is a co-founder Weathermelon)