NY company cited for $600K PACA violations
As a part of its efforts to enforce the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act and ensure fair trading practices within the U.S. produce industry, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has imposed sanctions on CKF Produce Corp. of Brooklyn, NY, for failing to meet its contractual obligations to the sellers of produce it Read More ...
C&S-Instacart partnership helps 3,000 independent grocers
Instacart and C&S Wholesale Grocers Inc. have partnered to offer e-commerce and same-day delivery solutions to more than 3,000 C&S independent grocery retailers across the U.S. The new partnership shows both companies’ continued commitment to supporting independent grocers across the country and the diverse communities these Read More ...
Sunrise Logistics leveraging technology with new customer portal
Sunrise Logistics has built a successful business on three pillars: people, process and technology. And those three pillars are the basis of a new customer portal the company is now rolling out. Sunrise, located in Ephrata, PA, and a division of Four Seasons Produce, was established in 2006 and offers comprehensive Read More ...
Volm answering sustainable packaging demand
Volm Cos. Inc. is enabling fresh produce growers and packers to meet retail demand for displaying products in sustainable packaging. Marsha Verwiebe, director of marketing and communications for Volm, said a couple of new technologies are being used in trials, or are on their way to the marketplace. These sustainable Read More ...
IFCO introduces new RPC Mini Series
IFCO Systems launched a new RPC Mini Series. The Mini Series RPCs are the smallest reusable containers on the market specifically designed for the transportation of fresh food. The size of the RPCs allows retailers, growers and suppliers to efficiently use the available space when transporting convenience food and fresh, Read More ...
Hot veg market could be short-circuited by national unrest
Demand exceeded supply for several vegetable commodities during the first week of June, but the protests and national unrest around the country could impact that by creating supply chain issues. At least that is the view of veteran Denny Donovan, sales manager of Fresh Kist Produce LLC, based in Santa Maria, CA. “We could Read More ...
Basciani Foods kicks off USDA Box Program
As fourth-generation mushroom farmers, Basciani Foods has cemented itself as an expert in the category and have established great relationships with its retailer and foodservice clients through the years. The Avondale, PA-based company is also known for its giving nature, so it was no surprise when Basciani Foods Read More ...

The San Joaquin Valley is expected to get hit by two major storms and colder temps that have the possibility to affect the cherry crop and cause serious damage to other stone fruit crops. weat

Starting Wednesday night into Thursday, a storm is anticipated to hit all growing regions up and down the San Joaquin Valley dropping between 0.5 inches to an inch of rain over the two-day period. There is a second storm scheduled to hit this Sunday with up to an inch of rain and a third storm potentially for next Tuesday, May 21.

Along with the rain will come cooler temps starting Wednesday with highs only in the low 70s (with some isolated 60s) and mins in the low 50s for the next 10 days. Although this weather is not unprecedented for this time of year, it is extremely unusual.

Tony Taviano of B&B Imports in Fresno, CA, said these storms have the potential to wipe out a large part of the Bing cherry crop and might cause shippers to call for an “act of god” on contracts. Furthermore, Taviano said this weather may "sow the seeds for a challenging summer marketing season of stone fruit and potential ramifications that extend into the fall for table grapes”.

The same storms hitting the San Joaquin Valley will also hit the coastal California growing regions of Salinas, Santa Maria and Oxnard, causing definite harvest issues. As of right now Salinas is expected to receive approximately one inch of rain this Wednesday and Thursday. The second storm on Saturday and Sunday may bring up to half an inch, and next Tuesday has the potential of 0.25 inches of rain, which could affect the harvest of strawberries and lettuces.

Desert regions are not expected to see any rain from these storms, but they will experience cooler temps with max temps in the 80s and min temps in the low 60s over the next 10 days.

The Weathermelon app offers consolidated lists of global growing regions for each commodity; a 10-day detail forecast for each region; current radar maps (U.S. only); estimated harvest start/end dates for each commodity; monthly average high/low temps for each region; and custom daily alerts for temperature, precipitation and severe weather based on 10-day forecasts.

(David Robidoux is a co-founder Weathermelon)

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Western growing regions getting hit by rain, cooler temps

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