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Honeybear Brands excited to showcase premium products at Fresh Summit
Elgin, MN-based Honeybear Brands is looking forward to PMA Fresh Summit this year for two key reasons: first, to catch up with customers and colleagues, and second, to showcase its premium products. “This is a great opportunity to visit with our retail partners, meet new retailers, and visit with many of the good people that work throughout the supply chain,” Don Roper, vice president of sales and marketing for Honeybear, told The Produce News in late September. “Everyone... Read more
Greenhouse goodness on display at DelFrescoPure
A berry good time is in store for attendees of the 2019 PMA Fresh Summit Covention & Expo visiting DelFrescoPure in Booth No. 2259 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA. That is because among the products the Kingsville, ON-based company will be showcasing is its YES! Berries Pesticide Free Strawberries, which are being sampled with ice cream. “We are the first certified pesticide-free strawberry in North America,” Fiona McLean, marketing manager... Read more
Living the sweet potato life at Nash Produce
Have a question about sweet potatoes? If so, stop by Booth No. 1888 at the 2019 PMA Fresh Summit Expo in Anaheim, CA, and visit with officials from Nash Produce. “President Thomas Joyner and sales associate Thomas Webb will be at our booth to discuss our many packing options, sweet potato varieties available and our commitment to excellent, year-round service,” said Rebecca Scott, grower accounting/marketing director at Nash Produce, based in Nashville, NC. “We... Read more
How Wada Farms changed the game for marketing potatoes at retail
The new website of Wada Farms Marketing Group LLC in Idaho Falls, ID, positions the company, one of the largest grower-shippers of fresh potatoes, onions and sweet potatoes in the United States, as “The grower that changed the game.” The Produce News had a conversation recently with the firm’s president, Kevin Stanger, about some of the ways Wada Farms changed the game for marketing potatoes at retail with the introduction of value-added convenience products for... Read more
Phillips Mushroom Farms continues focus on organic category
Based in the mushroom capital of the World; Kennett Square, PA, Phillips Mushroom Farms is a leading supplier of a full line of mushroom varieties in both conventional and organic options. National Sales Manager, Kevin Donovan, told The Produce News that the company’s full line will be on display at its booth, No. 1856, at the 2019 PMA Fresh Summit in Anaheim, CA, on Oct. 17-19. “Our full sales and marketing team will be at the expo,” said Donovan. “Although we... Read more
Honeybear Brands announces conventional and organic packaging extensions
Honeybear Brands, a leading grower and developer of premium apple varieties, is continually evolving its offering to meet consumer demands and preferences. Based on these consumer preferences, the company is announcing two new packaging programs. Honeybear has experienced great success with its two-pound Honey Cubbie pouch as the market leading Honeycrisp package. As an extension of this success, Cubbie pouches will be available in three-pound packages for Gala,... Read more
Grower Network gearing up for Fresh Summit
In less than five years the Grower Network has already made a name for itself in the Bell pepper industry. The company is looking forward to attending this year’s Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit to continue to spread its word and show it can do even more. “PMA is the place to be if you are doing anything in regard to the fresh produce industry, and this is an opportunity for us as growers to have the ability to showcase our items and even find... Read more
Vision Produce Co.’s ‘Ripe & Ready’ mango program paying dividends
Vision Produce Co., which is headquartered in Los Angeles has found increasing sales success treating mangos like bananas and avocados. “We are excited to lead the progression of the ‘Ripe & Ready’ mango program in the U.S.,” said Jesse Sepulveda, the company’s mango category manager. “Europe has been processing mangos for about 10 years now with great success. Our initial results show that the consumer has an extraordinary eating experience and this can be... Read more
Wada Farms sees large sizes, good quality in new potato crop
When the 2019 Idaho Russet harvest got under way around mid-August, the potatoes coming out of the early fields showed very good quality, but the size profile was mixed and on average appeared to be significantly smaller than normal. That was the case for Wada Farms Marketing Group LLC and for most other producers in the state. As the harvest has progressed, however, the size profile has continued to improve. Kevin StangerQuality continues to look good, and “although... Read more
New York Apple Sales launching Yes! Apples at Fresh Summit
The Produce Marketing Association Fresh Summit is always a perfect time to introduce a new and delicious apple to the industry. That’s exactly what Glenmont, NY-based New York Apple Sales Inc. is doing at the 2019 event in Anaheim. “Here comes Yes! Apples,” said NYAS Brand Manager Tenley Allen Fitzgerald. “The 2019 PMA Fresh Summit will blast off the new apple season launching pad with Yes! Apples’ brand of fresh apples.” The new Yes! Apples will be featured... Read more
FreshCap Mushroom announces investment from The Giorgi Cos.
FreshCap Mushrooms Ltd., a functional mushroom brand, announced a Series A investment of an undisclosed amount from The Giorgi Cos. Inc., a grower and distributor of fresh and processed mushrooms in North America. Tegan ShieldsFreshCap Mushrooms sells premium functional mushroom products through Amazon, its online store, and select retailers throughout the United States. The funding will be used to fuel multi-channel growth and to develop innovative functional... Read more
Mushrooms coming up rosy, but with a slight price wilt this season
Kevin Donovan, national sales manager for Phillips Mushroom Farms, told The Produce News that as the mushroom industry heads into the fall and winter holidays, prices are expected to be higher than last year. “For all of the typical reasons — supply and demand, increases in production costs, labor shortages and more — prices will increase this season,” said Donovan. “It’s going to be a rosy season, but with a bit of a wilt for these reasons.” He explained... Read more
Gourmet’s Finest celebrates 40th anniversary
In September, Gourmet’s Finest Mushroom Co. gathered its team members for a special celebration, honoring the 40 years the Avondale, PA-based mushroom producer has been in business. “We’re having a big party with all our people and we have quite a few people who have been here for the whole 40 years, and many others who have been here 30-35 years, so it’s a close-knit family-oriented company,” said Alan Kleinman, sales and business development manager for the company.... Read more
Mushroom Council launches #AMushroomADay for Mushroom Month
Known for its innovative and successful promotions and initiatives, the Redwood Shores, CA-based Mushroom Council launched its #MushroomADay campaign for the month of September, which is National Mushroom Month. Amy Wood, public relations specialist for the Mushroom Council, said the organization had a social media campaign, hashtag #MushroomADay all month touting the various ways consumers can eat more mushrooms every day. “It’s the most wonderful time of the... Read more
Sweet potato quality is key at Topashaw Farms
Officials at Topashaw Farms really know their sweet potatoes — after all, they have been growing them for over three decades, and over that time have cultivated a reputation in the industry for supplying top-notch sweet potatoes that are marketed under the Topashaw Farms label. “Our 2019 harvest is looking great!” Lindsey Edmondson, sales and logistics manager at Topashaw Farms, told The Produce News. “We have had no rain since we started digging and we have been... Read more
Nash Produce prides itself on its local grower network
Mr. Yam is bulking up at Nash Produce. “We are excited to announce that we have expanded our Mr. Yam line to include bulk 40-pound boxes,” Rebecca Scott, grower accounting/marketing director at Nash Produce, based in Nashville, NC, told The Produce News. “Our value-added line already includes individually wrapped microwavable potatoes, Steamables and two-, five-, eight- and 10-pound mesh bags consisting of both conventional and organic locally grown sweet potatoes.” Nash’s... Read more
Sourcing from multiple countries and a product line that is varied and ever expanding, Dave’s Specialty Imports Inc., has been serving both retailers and foodservice operators from its Miami, headquarters for more than 25 years. Founded by Dave Bowe in 1992, the company is a third-generation grower and marketer of fresh berries. “My grandfather worked his way up from grocery store bagger to director of produce and at one point even owned his own IGA store,” said... Read more
Eagle Eye Produce runs Idaho russets, reds and yellows year-round
Eagle Eye Produce, a diversified produce growing and shipping organization headquartered in Idaho Falls, ID, has made a significant investment in technology to maintain the quality of potatoes held in storage and extend the length of time they can be stored without suffering a quality loss. The result has been to extend the shipping season for potatoes grown in Idaho. Maintaining russets in storage from the end of one harvest season to the beginning of the new... Read more
Potandon offers full line of Idaho potatoes in Green Giant, private and shipper labels
Potandon Produce LLC in Idaho Falls, ID, which began its 2019 harvest of Idaho russets around mid-August and of varietals in late August, will offer potato buyers “a full line of Idaho product on all of our potatoes for this season,” according to Steve Elfering, vice president of operations. ”We can offer our customers the full category out of Idaho” in the Green Giant, private and shipper labels, said Dick Thomas, senior vice president of sales. That includes... Read more
Quality good, sizing mixed on early harvest of Idaho russets at Wada Farms
“It is still very early, but quality looks to be good, yields seem to be off a little, and sizing is a little mixed,” Kevin Stanger, president of Wada Farms Marketing Group LLC in Idaho Falls, ID, told The Produce News as the 2019 Idaho potato harvest was getting under way. The Russet Norkotah harvest had been going a week or so in the earliest areas. “We just started our reds yesterday. They look really good. I mean really bright, colorful reds. And we will start... Read more