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Cool-Pak offers logistics help for LA area imports

In 2013, Cool-Pak Solutions opened its doors in the Los Angeles area to offer logistics help for produce firms importing or exporting product in or out of Southern California, primarily through the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles.

The company also works on product imported through San Diego to the south or Port Hueneme to the north, but Chief Operations Officer Vincent Calvillo said its Carson, CA, location is perfectly suited for imports from the twin Los Angeles County ports, which are located only a few miles away. He added that quite a bit of product comes into Cool-Pak via truck from Mexico, through Texas, Nogales, AZ, or California’s ports of entry on the Mexican border.

“What makes us unique is that we do not sell any product. We are a third party provider that can manage your inventory and offer packaging and repackaging operations,” he said.

Cool-Pak-OfficeCool-Pak’s location and proximity to other services helps the company save its customers hundreds of dollars in transportation costs. Calvillo said the company is utilized by many fruit and vegetable importers, including Earthbound Farms, Sun Pacific, Oppenheimer and Sunkist to name just a few.

Typically, Cool-Pak works with a customs broker to get the product through customs and delivered to the firm’s 175,000-square-foot cold storage facility, which includes 25,000 square feet of refrigerated dock space for custom re-packing operations. There is also a 15,000-square-foot refrigerated receiving and shipping area. The cold storage facility has 7,000 pallet positions. Calvillo said the facility has expanded to this current size since its 2013 opening to accommodate its growing business.

Currently, it operates at full capacity at its busiest times, but for the most part it does have room for new customers.

Calvillo said the repackaging lines are typically used to sort and pack bulk shipments into bags or clamshells by an experienced team of packers. From its facility, the resulting product is then shipped all over Southern California, and actually throughout the United States.

On its website, the firm touts its location and proximity to other services as the perfect way to reduce import or export costs. It states that U.S. Customs & Border Protection inspections are available on site, as well as import and export fumigation services.

“Cool-Pak Solutions is probably the first of its kind to offer all of these facilities on one property. There are no extra charges for moving product from warehouse to inspections or fumigation on site, saving our customers hundreds of dollars in transportation costs,” the website claims.