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Spice World highly recognized in the foodservice industry

Long recognized as a progressive company across the nation for its wide product line, including jarred and Squeeze Garlic, Spice World is once again looking forward to greeting customers and potential customers at the PMA Foodservice Conference and Expo on July 28-30 in Monterey, CA. The company will exhibit at Booth No. 1103.

The Orlando, FL-based company is known for staying ahead of the curve when it comes to product innovations, including in its foodservice line of garlic and other specialty items.

“We look forward to featuring our new crop of California garlic, along with our entire line of garlic items,” said Louis Hymel, director of purchasing and marketing for Spice World. “Our California harvest is in full swing at this time and we are running all packing lines. We are happy to report that the crop is extremely good in volume and quality this year.”

P1040911Spice World’s Squeeze Garlic and Squeeze Ginger.The company also has an organic line. Hymel said the foodservice segment of the produce industry is somewhat behind the retail side, but noted, “We see more demand from some specialty restaurants. I believe most people looking to eat organic foods while dinning out will select specialty restaurants that focus on health foods.”

He added that the company will be featuring its foodservice-sized offerings at the PMA Foodservice event, including its 22.75-ounce size of Squeeze Ginger.

Spice World got its start in 1949 when Andy Caneza began making garlic deliveries in his station wagon along the bayous of New Orleans. He set up his first office as A&A Spice & Food Co. in his mother’s basement and made garlic deliveries to local mom and pop stores. In the late 1960s, Andy, his wife and six kids would travel thousands of miles across the United States every summer, calling on every grocery store along the way. One of the first chain stores to sign with Andy was HG Hill in Nashville, TN.

The company evolved over the years and in the early 1970s was renamed Spice World. Its headquarters moved to Orlando in in 1981, and in 1990 the company opened an additional plant in California, giving the company coast-to-coast distribution and processing plants, and the ability to be eco-friendly while providing the freshest supply of garlic to all 50 states.

Today multiple generations of Caneza family members work side by side, and the company has become the largest garlic supplier to supermarkets in the United States. It also has a notable export business.

Still, the company continues to grow. Last year it completed the installation of new processing equipment for its fresh garlic crop at its California operation. In the recent past the company added new packaging equipment for fresh garlic, and it is currently examining additional equipment that will be operational within the next six months. Hymel stressed that the company is always looking at ways to increase its efficiencies.

“Our products are found in every aspect within the food industry,” Hymel pointed out. “We bring value-added items direct to consumers through supermarkets, foodservice establishments through distributors and custom spec garlic as an ingredient direct to industrial manufacturers.”

Foodservice sales, he noted, are doing well and the sector continues to increase over time.

“We sow the seeds of change, sustainability and accountability so we can all have a healthier future,” said Hymel.

“We’ve saved thousands of trees with eco-friendly packaging, and we continually evaluate other material-saving methods,” he continued. “We use recyclable material in all possible cases. Our green technology packaging is saving more than 4,000 trees, 500 barrels of oil and 800 cubic yards of landfill every year.”

The company’s coast-to-coast processing plants helps reduce fuel consumption, and its state-of-the-art processing results in more efficient operations.

Today, Spice World continues to function under the foundation of Andy Caneza’s commitment to build the business with all the right ingredients — honesty, integrity and hard work.