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Alliance Rubber bands and Protape bundle freshness with sustainability and traceability

Alliance Rubber, based in Alliance, OH, makes pallet bands among a bunch of other non-produce bands, but it’s the produce-centric packaging that is a major focus for the company.

This year, the company is headed to PMA Foodservice, where it will operate Booth No. 3316, and team members are looking forward to meeting with others in the industry and showing how the company’s products can help.

“People coming to the Alliance Rubber booth can learn about us — a U.S.-based, woman-owned small business — and can see the benefits of using Alliance bands and Protape, which are preferred by consumers over plastic bags,” said Vickie Linder, Alliance Rubber’s agricultural market manager. “We’re always excited to attend PMA and show others how our products can meet their packaging needs.”

Organic-BananaAlliance Rubber’s produce-centric packaging is a major focus for the company.This year, for the first time, the company will have a bilingual member of its team at the booth who speaks both English and Spanish so that it can better communicate with attendees.  

“This show provides Alliance with the opportunity to meet with growers, packers, and shippers from all over the world and show them first-hand the advantages and quality of Alliance bands,” Linder said. “We enjoy PMA because we love being able to renew our relationships with current customers and build additional relationships with new customers.”

Some of the topics that Linder expects to be bandied about at the show include the latest offerings dealing with sustainability and traceability — two things that the company takes very seriously.

“As a U.S. manufacturer and woman-owned small business, we produce the world’s finest rubber bands and Alliance is dedicated to strengthening American manufacturing by producing various rubber products of the best quality,” she said. “Alliance also has ISO 9001:2008 certification, which addresses various aspects of quality management. The standards provide guidance and tools to ensure products and services consistently meet customer’s requirements and that quality is consistently improved.”

Linder noted consumers choose Alliance Rubber Co.’s ProTape’s breathability over plastic bags for their ability to use sight, smell and touch when selecting fresh fruits and vegetables. ProTape is waterproof, sticks only to itself, easily resealable, and FDA compliant for direct food contact. ProTape is available standard or custom printed.

Some big news from the company is that it recently signed an agreement with the University of Sussex to study the potential uses of graphene in rubber.

“These uses have the possibility to change how we measure biometrics, and more importantly for PMA, how temperature and freshness can be determined,” Linder said.