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Farm Fresh Direct sees uptick in specialty demand

As Millennials continue to move the needle for organics and specialty items, Farm Fresh Direct of Monte Vista, CO, is going into 2018 with a bump in its PotatOH! line with organics now available.

farmfreshdirectThe popular Express Bake PotatOH! from Farm Fresh Direct is now available in organic. Dave Yeager, Farm Fresh Direct vice president of new business and sales, said the new product is in response to increased demand for certified convenience items. Dave Yeager, Farm Fresh Direct vice president of new business and sales, told The Produce News in mid-January that over the past 12 months the organic category has seen the biggest growth for the multi-member group.

He said expansion of the popular Express Bake PotatOH! line has brought organics into the specialty lineup, and he noted the buying power of Millennials was a factor in rolling out the new item.

“All product sectors are growing consumption, however,” he added, saying that overall sales for the crop season have been “great this year,” with demand “well above 2016.”

And after the formal announcement of the Cal-Ore merger, he said the Northwestern operation is a “great compliment and extension of our product lines” with its production of organics, russets, reds and yellows.

Farm Fresh Direct was founded in 1999 as an alliance of multi-generational potato growers in the San Luis Valley of Colorado, and since its early years it has enlarged to include farming partners in other regions.

In addition to its specialty and convenience line, Farm Fresh Direct offers traditional potato varieties that include russets, reds, yellows, purples, whites, fingerlings and sweet potatoes.