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Sev-Rend targets Mexican produce packaging

Sev-Rend, a produce packaging manufacturer, will build upon a concentrated effort to develop the Mexican market in 2019.

Tony O’Driscoll, Sev-Rend’s vice president of sales and marketing, said his firm has been “very aggressive” in pursuing Mexican citrus packing. “We are getting our name out there,” O’Driscoll said. “We are becoming well-known.” Sev-Rend’s sales staff is focusing on the Mexican market works out of southern California.

Sev-Rend Film OrangesSev-Rend offers a film and mesh bag option such as one of several options for packaging citrus. In 2018 the firm launched a ‘very aggressive’ effort to build sales to the Mexican citrus industry.“Our focus in Mexico this year is ongoing in citrus. We have only been in Mexico in a big way for the past 18 months.” The firm works in Mexico with both growers and packer-distributor-exporters.

Being located amid the continent outside of St. Louis, in Collinsville, IL, Sev-Rend provides a much faster access in shipping to Mexican packinghouses that previously worked with offshore vendors.

In Mexico, Sev-Rend is building upon established avocado packaging business and is particularly enjoying Key and Persian lime packaging business in and near the avocado production center, Michoacán. Colima and Jalisco are neighboring states with lime packing customers for Sev-Rend, which makes it easy to supply the whole region. Sev-Rend is also supplying citrus packers in states such as Veracruz.

Beyond limes, oranges and mandarins are other citrus types being packaged in Sev-Rend products. The firm’s netting, films, tags and wire closures are all utilized in citrus packing.

“There is a lot of interest in our pouches, recyclable and green packaging,” O’Driscoll noted.

The market drives retail buying decisions for produce packed both in the United States and Mexico.

Beyond citrus and avocados, Sev-Rend is increasingly working in Mexico with onion packers.

Traditionally, Mexican onions have been packed by south Texas distributors, but now more consumer packs are prepared in Mexico before exporting. Sev-Rend has been active with supplying onion industry with packaging materials since the firm was established in 1993.

O’Driscoll hopes and expects modifications to the old NAFTA treaty “will help the industry” move forward. “Mexican producers are very pragmatic and the tweaks” to create the new U.S., Mexico and Canada agreement should allow the burgeoning Mexican industry to expand even faster.

Thus, “I expect an even bigger uptick in Mexico in 2019,” O’Driscoll said.