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Ciruli seeing a lot of growth

RIO RICO, AZ— “We have a lot of growth going on,” Chris Ciruli said of Ciruli Bros. LLC. “We are adding volume with our core items of mangos, cucumbers and green Bells. And expanding and complementing our mix with colored Bells to be year-round.

Chuck-Joey-Chris-CiruliNew salesman Joey Bernal is flanked by brother-partners Chuck and Chris Ciruli in the firm’s Rio Rico warehouse. “We’ve added another big grower in Culiacan,” he said. This will involve strong volumes of hothouse cluster tomatoes, slicer and Persian cucumbers, and red, yellow and orange Bell peppers. The same grower will be shipping to Ciruli hard shell squash and watermelons from Hermosillo and cucumbers, and hot and Bell peppers from Los Mochis, Sinaloa.

“We’ve also added a honeydew grower in Caborca,” Ciruli noted.

Helping handle this volume is new salesman Joey Bernal, who is already familiar with some of these growers. “Joey’s specialty is greenhouse products. That is something we haven’t focused on before. He’s a great fit.”

Ciruli and his brother-partner Chuck Ciruli “have known Joey throughout his career. It’s an easy fit.”

In other expansion, this year Ciruli Bros. has doubled the size of its cucumber and Bell pepper programs out of central Mexico. Specifically, the vegetables are coming from Morales and Zacatecas.

The central Mexico sales are being handled through Ciruli’s Donna, TX, sales and distribution company, Grow Farms Texas LLC. Grow Farms is shipping Mexican round tomatoes, cucumbers, Bell peppers and honeydew on a year-round basis. Grow Farms is increasing its mango volume this year, while most of those sales go through Rio Rico.

Ciruli has added a Bell pepper deal from September into November “to assure we are year-round on Bells.”

Ciruli’s offshore mango deal is increasing, with Peruvian and Ecuadoran fruit arriving in Philadelphia.