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Inside Look (May 27 issue)
Summer is officially before us, and the FIVE major holidays are officially behind us! WHEW! From all reports, the Q4 2018/Q1 2019 holiday season was the most successful back-to-back holidays we’ve experienced in a long time! Great job by all, especially the store teams who worked so hard to execute a multi-faceted, fast-paced plan. Check out the amazing visual merchandising skills from our friends at Tom Thumb and Albertsons — THE VIBE ATTRACTS THE TRIBE! June... Read more
PMA Fresh Connections bridges the  floral industry with new consumer insights
Members of the floriculture industry joined forces in Miami to develop new strategies for the future of retail and hear insights from experts from both inside and outside of the floral industry. The event began on Wednesday, May 15 with roundtable meetings, where floral suppliers and retailers were carefully matched according to criteria provided in pre-meeting applications. The 10-minute sessions allowed floral suppliers to connect face-to-face with retailers,... Read more
America’s Flower receives national recognition
How many of the United States’ National symbols do you know? Most people can name the Bald Eagle as our National Bird. The United States has designated various national symbols to represent the country. What about our National Flower? The national flower of the United States is the rose, regarded as a symbol of love and affection. June is National Rose Month. The rose is a symbol of beauty and love which holds a special place in our hearts and in our country’s... Read more
Father’s Day: A daughter’s wish to honor her father
Father’s Day got a jump start from the formation of Mother’s Day. The nation’s first Father’s Day was celebrated in the state of Washington on June 19, 1910. It was fifty-eight years after President Woodrow Wilson made Mother’s Day official — that the day honoring fathers became a holiday in the United States. The campaign to celebrate fathers did not meet with the same enthusiasm. Many men mocked the holiday’s sentimental attempts to domesticate manliness with... Read more
Fourth of July: Celebrating America’s independence
The Fourth of July is a time to come together and enjoy patriotic fun with family and friends. Since 1776 to the present day, July 4th is celebrated as the birth of American independence, with festivities from concerts, fireworks, and parades, to casual family gatherings and barbecues. While America is enjoying these festivities, it is a great time to think about those who helped guarantee its independence and freedom. What gives July 4th its significance? It... Read more
Florists, how will you celebrate American Grown Flowers Month?
Last year, DVFlora surprised and delighted many of its customers with its DV Crush program during American Grown Flowers Month — a hand-curated box of American Grown Flowers that designers used to create a magical arrangement, share on social media and then be entered to win a credit for flower purchases. This July, DVFlora is taking it to the next level! In addition to the crush boxes, DVFlora is offering a downloadable marketing kit to help... Read more
Five easy steps for successful handling of flowering potted plants
As a floral professional, the delivery of multiple boxes of flowering potted plants as regular weekly or bi-weekly shipments or during the rush of holidays can be overwhelming. Panic can set in as you rush to receive, handle and process these plants. Often, the question is “How am I going to get all of these plants unpacked and assist customers at the same time?” The care and handling of flowering potted plants upon arrival is just a step-wise process — simple and... Read more
Don’t let that bouquet toss cause a black eye!
Just imagine, you are attending a wedding; the vows have been spoken, dinner has been served, the cake has been cut, and now it’s time for the bride to throw the bouquet. The women stand in line each trying to lobby for a front row spot. Who will be the next to get married and have such an auspicious event? The men are retreating to the back of the ballroom hoping that their date or girlfriend won’t catch the bouquet. The bride goes to the front of the room, turns... Read more
Lawrence Hopman forms floral procurement agency
Floral industry veteran, Lawrence Hopman, has formed a new company to introduce flower farmers to chain store markets in Canada and the United States. The new venture is called Hopman Flower Farms and operates as a sourcing agency rather than a middleman. Transactions are all fulfilled directly between grower and retailer. Hopman explains the rationale behind the project: “I’ve had a number of growers approach me over the years; tired of being at the mercy of wholesalers.... Read more
Oh, NO! Here comes summer! How do I prepare for the sales slump?
Slumps happen. Ask realtors and home builders who experienced the downturn in 2008, when 2 million fewer families were moving. Ask Tiger Woods and almost every other athlete who’ve spent years refining the perfect game, only to have lost the touch for many years before the next win. In our business, we face 16 weeks of doldrums after five back-to-back triumphs: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine, Easter and Mother’s Day. Yes, it’s BA-ACK-Summertime! While our... Read more
Kimiko Fujii Kitayama leaves indelible mark in the floral industry
Kimiko (Kimi) Fujii Kitayama, 97, passed away peacefully on March 27, 2019 at her home in Union City, CA. Kimiko (Kimi) Fujii Kitayama, 97, passed away peacefully on March 27, 2019 at her home in Union City, CA. Born February 11, 1922, the fourth of six children of Ryutaro and Katsu Yokobori Fujii, Kimi grew up on the family’s Hayward carnation farm. She was a freshman at UC Berkeley when in 1942, she and her family along with all others of Japanese descent were... Read more
Lisianthus — summer’s darling
Now through late September is prime Lisianthus time. Lisianthus has an heirloom, wildflower essence making it the darling of summer bouquets and consumer bunches. “Lizzy” (as we call it on the farm) is relatively new to the flower buying consciousness and in the last decade it has been gaining popularity at an amazing rate. We have been growing this crop for about fifteen years, and the demand just keeps rising. The origin of the Lisianthus species is rooted in... Read more
Panalpina expands network in Colombia and Ecuador to become largest perishables player in Latin America
Panalpina continues to expand its Perishables Network in South America through the acquisition of CargoMaster S.A. in Colombia, and its subsidiary, Laseair S.A., in Ecuador. CargoMaster is one of Latin America’s largest companies specialized in the air freight export of perishables, mostly of flowers to the United States. Panalpina will acquire the Colombian company CargoMaster S.A. and Laseair S.A. in Ecuador subject to conditions. The companies reached a respective... Read more
Arizona Family Florist supports UMOM New Day Centers  by donating 50 percent of Tulip sales this Mother’s Day
This past Mother’s Day, Arizona Flower Market supported UMOM New Day Centers by donating 50 percent of the purchase price of any 10 Stem bunch of Tulips to UMOM. Arizona Flower Market made a donation on behalf of every customer who came into the Flower Market Monday, May 6 through Sunday, May 12 and purchased a 10 Stem Bunch of Tulips for only $6 each. Arizona Flower Market offered Mother’s Day tulip bunches with 50 percent of proceeds... Read more
JUNE June 4-7 International Flower Trade Expo (IFTEX) Oshwal Center Nairobi, Kenya https://hppexhibitions. com/iftex/ June 6 PMA Fresh Connections - Anaheim Anaheim Convention Center Anaheim, CA events/fresh-connetions-flo ral-west June 11-14 Flower Trials-Netherlands and Germany Various Locations https://www.flowertrials. com/en June 11-13 Green Tech Summit RAI Amsterdam The Netherlands June... Read more
Top 15 ways to get the most out of industry trade shows
Many hours are spent designing and building the perfect trade show booth. Thousands of dollars are spent bringing the right products and the right people to inspire new and current customers. But, how prepared are you to be an attendee? The exchange of goods and services is a fundamental principle of business success that has created strong commerce throughout history and throughout the world.   The roots of the trade show industry began in the ancient... Read more
Huangling sets the benchmark of Chinese flower town
Huangling, one of China’s most beautiful countryside villages located in Wuyuan County, is upgrading its Flower Town program by introducing an all-season flower-viewing tour to visitors. The new tour will highlight the fusion of local ecological systems and the 580-year-old rural setting, bringing a floral lifestyle experience to people from around the world. “The Flower Town is a key project in our plan to introduce every aspect of Huangling to... Read more
My customers expect delivery service — where do I start?
There are many factors in selecting a delivery service, beginning with mapping the radius within the area you wish to deliver your products. Selecting the right territory is the starting point of hiring a delivery company that can execute deliveries in a timely and profitable manner. 1. When deciding on a delivery territory, the close proximity to your base location is only one of many other important considerations. Delivery proximity is important, but in addition... Read more
Excitement grows for 135th SAF Annual Convention
School’s out for summer, and many floral professionals have their eyes on September for four days of world-class business education, powerful connections and creative inspiration they’ll receive from SAF Amelia Island 2019, the Society of American Florists’ 135th Annual Convention, Sept. 18-21 at the Ritz-Carlton in Amelia Island, FL. Reece Nakamoto Farinas with Beretania Florist in Honolulu is ready. “I always tell our florist friends that it’s foolish for them... Read more
The Inside Look (April 29 issue)
I’d like to dedicate this issue to Mothers, Mothers-in-Law, Step-Mothers, Grandmothers, Godmothers, Smother-Mothers and those who in their own way, mother others!  But, in particular, I’d like to give a shout-out to the many Mothers who work in this industry.  In spite of the long hours, nail-biting pressure, frequent travel and every single holiday-away….. you provide the most important gift to this world by planting the seeds of the future.   ... Read more