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The new breed of Limoniums by Ball SB

My mom loved flowers and she always had flower vases in her house. She was not a flower designer or a Garden Club member, but when I was a kid and I helped her arrange the flowers for our house, she would share with me her secret for a perfect flower vase — “First, fill the vase with Limoniums, then add whatever you want.” And today — although I am reaching my 60s — I still follow her advice. I fill the vase with Limoniums first and then I go crazy with the focal flowers.

And just imagine how happy I was almost 20 years ago, when I became a part of Ball SB -— the company that is now bringing back into fashion the Limoniums that I love so much.  

SILVER-PINKLimonium Hybrid Silver Pink comes in a unique silver-pink color and is a hybrid that still retains some of its natural aroma.Limoniums are perfect for the growing bouquet market as well as for solid bunches; and with their natural long vase life they can also be used dried. All of the Limonium offered by Ball SB have the calyx and flowers firmly located in the stems; therefore, they do not shatter.

You can use the following Ball SB Limomiums as essential and fantastic fillers for bouquets, as an accent in corsages, and to enhance flower arrangements.

Limonium Hybrid Skylight was bred and selected for strong stems, high productivity with many flushes, solid flower color, and the lack of the typical Limonium smell. So this is the truly odorless Limonium hybrid. Because of these characteristics, the Skylight Hybrid Limonium is becoming well known in the floral industry.

Limonium Hybrid Shooting Star & Silver Pink are also hybrids and come in unique dark purple and silver pink colors. They still retain some of their natural aroma.  

Limonium Sinzii is the tissue culture result from crossing Limonium Sinuatum with Limonium Perezii. It provides sharp, solid colors, big panicles, long vase life and gives great volume when two stems are crisscrossed. New Zealand-bred Limonium Sinzii is suitable for bouquets and solid bunches. It can be dried, and will keep its color intact for a long period of time. The lack of the typical Limonium smell, the high-quality strong stems, the bright flower colors, and the high productivity and many flushes are the main characteristics of the Sinzii Limonium. Dressed in lavish silver, blue lavender and purple colors, the flowers are firmly packed in the stem and do not shatter.

Limonium Sinuata Super Purple (statice) yields tall, strong stems with big odorless panicles. It is more virus tolerant and has the dark, deep blue color so desired by the floral industry. It can also be used dried and it won the highest prize Sept. 13, 2018 at the Flowers Expo show in Moscow, in addition to Proflora 2017 in Bogota.

Limonium Sinensis was bred for high efficiency, high productivity (more than 14 stems per flush), shorter cropping time, more than one flush and the lack of the typical Limonium smell. It has become a favorite in the bouquet market.

Limoniums not only fill the vase, but they give movement and expression to your bouquets and flower arrangements. They give a sensation of freedom and happiness. And for me, they give the sensation of home. I can only imagine the year 2050 when my daughter shows her granddaughter the secret of a perfect flower vase — “Fill the vase with Limoniums first.”

Lourdes Reyes is marketing director at Ball SB, part of Ball Horticultural Co. She can be contacted at