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Tom Lange announces three retirements and four promotions

The Tom Lange Family of Cos., headquartered in Springfield, IL, recently celebrated several veteran careers as they entered retirement and announced the promotions of four into leadership roles.lang

Eric Hoffmann, vice president of sales and a Tom Lange board member, retired from the company after 42 years. Hoffmann started his career in Indianapolis and transferred to Atlanta in 1982 to expand the Tom Lange presence and was instrumental in building the Atlanta team. He will remain on the company’s board of directors.  

In the Atlanta office, Chase Tatham has been promoted to vice president of sales for Tom Lange Co., and Trevor Powell has been promoted to vice president of sales for Lange Logistics. Both Tatham and Powell are long-time employees.

Rick Harsnett, vice president of sales, retired from the company after 39 years. Harsnett joined the Indianapolis office in 1979 and under his leadership and direction, the Indianapolis office has grown and prospered.

John Caito, who has been with the company for nearly 21 years, has been promoted to vice president of sales for the Indianapolis office. 

Steve Holdren was promoted from sales manager to vice president of sales for the Chicago office.

Barry Rutherford, account manager, retired from the company after 34 years. Rutherford has built a reputation based on excellent service and the Houston office will continue his legacy.  

President Greg Reinauer commented on the retirements and leadership promotions, stating, “I want to personally thank Eric, Rick and Barry for all they have accomplished in their distinguished careers. Your contributions have been instrumental in growing this company and preparing us for the future. This is a very exciting time for our company as we promote four exceptional associates to the role of vice president. Congratulations to Chase, Trevor, John and Steve on the next jump in your careers. Your drive and proven leadership will continue to push us to the next level.”

Rock Gumpert, chairman and chief executive officer, added, “It seems like only yesterday that Eric and Rick came to work in the Indy office. Their feisty and fun-loving nature meant there was never a dull moment. The friendship and loyalty of both men has been a gift and an honor. I would like to personally thank each for their tireless contributions to the company.” 

Gumpert also recalled meeting Rutherford for the first time. “I call him the quiet man, because of his calm and dedicated service to the company, his customers, his family, his community, his church and anyone in need. He is truly one of the great guys. Good luck and enjoy your retirement Eric, Rick and Barry.”