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Mission makes sales department changes to support company growth

Mission Produce Inc. expanded its sales department to support the company’s rapid growth. Mission created a business-development sector, hired a new senior director of sales, and increased its foodservice division.

“We expanded and restructured our sales team to better serve our customer base,” said Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Ross Wileman. “Mission Produce added foodservice sales staff and created a business development sector under the supervision of Patrick Cortes. He will continue to build and maintain relationships with our North American customers. We also are proud to announce the return of Stephen Fink as he assumes the role of senior director of sales.”missionStephen Fink

This is Fink’s second run at Mission Produce after originally serving as a sales representative and then the director of sales planning in 2017. For the past year, he worked at LGS Specialty Sales as the avocado category manager where he sourced, transported and sold avocados in addition to other fruit.

“Mission Produce’s domestic and global network is astounding,” said Fink. “This opportunity was right for my return. I am fortunate to join Mission Produce as the sales team develops to meet industry needs.” 

Fink will be responsible for providing pricing guidance, reviewing forecast numbers and working closely with national retail accounts.

“All of these changes helped strengthen our sales pipeline. I am excited to watch Mission Produce experience an even greater level of success in response to these strategic organizational changes,” said Wileman.