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Rainier's Wanderlust partnership strengthens core with yoga

Rainier Fruit, a leading producer of organic and conventional apples, pears, cherries, and blueberries, has partnered with Wanderlust, one of the world’s largest producers of yoga lifestyle events. As a major sponsor, Rainier Fruit will be the presenting healthy lunch sponsor at 24 Wanderlust 108 events in the U.S. and Canada and include on-site activation in multiple markets.WLAUS17 Rainier 01

Rainier Fruit has established its company as not just a farming or food company, but an active lifestyle brand through its partnerships with the Boston Marathon, Portland Marathon, Charleston Marathon and the Mesa-Phoenix Marathon. This new relationship with Wanderlust further expands the active-lifestyle focus of the company, focusing on universal fitness activities like running and yoga that collectively reach millions of consumers.

Today, yoga is one of the fastest growing sports with over 80 million consumers practicing yoga. The yoga community is also a powerful demographic that is highly educated and brand loyal with a focus on overall health and fitness with 82 percent preferring organic and natural foods.

“We’re excited about this new relationship,” said Andy Tudor, vice president of new business development at Rainier Fruit, “Our mission is living Wholesome to the Core, which is about cultivating your best self and living your best life. The whole focus of yoga and the mission of Wanderlust is in total alignment with our mission and our healthy products including our expanding organic program making this a great fit.”

In fact, Wanderlust’s mission, “find your true north” also focuses on helping guests at their events live their best lives through physical, mental, and spiritual fulfillment. Their events are focused on yoga, but also incorporate other aspects of mindful living, from meditation to running and healthy eating. Their popular events use music and professional trainers to inspire and energize guests in a highly present community focused event.

Rainier Fruit and Wanderlust share a passion for high-energy, high-impact events that build community around sport and create a focus on healthy choices. Both brands are geared toward consumers that care about the products they purchase and the companies they support. “Rainier Fruit is second-to-none when it comes to high quality organic fruit, and their commitment to the environment through conservation and sustainable growing practices makes them an ideal partner for Wanderlust,” said Sean Hoess, chief executive officer of Wanderlust.

“For generations we focused on growing great fruit," said Mark Zirkle, CEO of Rainier Fruit. "Today, our family and growing partners are focused on more than growing fruit; we are focused on growing healthy families and communities and making a commitment to support positive lifestyles that will influence generations to come. When we talk about ‘Wholesome to the Core’, we’re talking about more than just our fruit, we’re talking about an entire philosophy that includes our sustainable growing practices, a commitment to organics, being of service to our employees, contributing to our community and growing nutritious fruit that fuels the future to help people reach their goals and live happy, healthy lives.”

In addition to on-site activation at Wanderlust 108 events, Rainier Fruit will work with in market retailers to establish ad promotions and communication tools that help the more than 2000 attendees at each event find Rainier fruit in their local stores to create a full circle experience.