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Okanagan honored with Role Model Award

Okanagan Specialty Fruits Inc. is being honored with the Fruits & Veggies - More Matters Industry Role Model Award. This is the fourth consecutive year OSF has been recognized by the Fruit & Veggies – More Matters program, which is managed by Produce for Better Health, and is an initiative focused on helping increase fruit and vegetable consumption for better health. The awards recognize companies that support and promote the health-based mission and messaging efforts associated with the program.arc

Jessica Brady, OSF’s manager of industry relations and education, will be accepting the award on behalf of the company during the Produce for Better Health – The Consumer Connection annual conference on April 6. OSF will also be continuing its commitment to education and transparency by sponsoring an educational session at the conference. The session will feature expert panelists who will share stories, address consumer misconceptions about food choices, and present strategies for compelling communication that motivates consumers to eat more fruits and vegetables, in all forms.  

“OSF is proud to continue our support of Fruits & Veggies – More Matters,” said Brady. “OSF is dedicated to helping promote healthy eating and is inspired by the work being done by Produce for Better Health to increase produce consumption. We look forward to increasing availability of our Arctic apple products, benefitting those looking for a convenient source of fruits and vegetables.”

OSF is the developer of Arctic apples, which have a unique trait that prevents apples from browning when bitten, sliced or bruised.   

“The two main goals behind Arctic apples are to reduce unnecessary food waste and increase apple consumption,” said Neal Carter, president of OSF. “To have our hard work recognized by a program that strives towards the same initiatives that we do every day is very rewarding.”