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Krasdale exec takes on day-to-day operations in Florida

Krasdale Foods, a 110-year-old privately owned company providing grocery distribution, merchandising, and marketing to independent grocery store owners, has announced that Dennis Hickey, chief merchandising officer, is now running day-to-day operations in Florida, managing both merchandising for the area's Bravo stores and Krasdale's Beta II marketing office, located in Miami.kras

Hickey, who joined the company seven years ago, will add the Florida operation to his ongoing responsibilities, which include managing procurement and merchandising for all of Krasdale's customers in the New York area and throughout the northeast.

"Dennis has been instrumental in supporting Krasdale's growth and success in recent years," said Steve Silver, Krasdale president and chief operating officer. "With this new mandate, we're confident that Dennis will enhance the Bravo Florida operation while also helping to create greater cohesiveness among Krasdale's various divisions and regions."

Over the past 15 years, Krasdale's Florida operation has achieved steady and organic growth. The company first entered the marketplace after several of its existing Northeastern customers relocated and decided to open stores in Florida. Today, Krasdale has a fully staffed office with both merchandising and retail experts who, in combination with employees headquartered in New York, manage operations for over 50 stores throughout the state. The company expects to open several more locations this year.

"I'm grateful to have the opportunity to build on the tremendous success we've had in this growing market," Hickey said. "Florida is really a unique business environment, and I look forward to deploying new resources, working with store owners to customize their merchandising and marketing programs to best fit their needs."